The digital world has made it more difficult for artists to create. The battle with illegal downloading of music, movies and TV shows, the counterfeit and selling online (on platforms such as Amazon) of photography, illustrations and other design work, means it is harder for artists to earn significant income from their creative output.
The purpose of this survey is to establish thoughts of micro and small business owners when it comes to copyright.
How would you rate your level of awareness on issues related to intellectual property/copyright, particularly in relation to images, music and information contained on the web? *

1: Low, 2:  Moderate, 3: Good, 4: Very Good, 5: Excellent

How confident are you that you understand copyright and what images and information on the web you can or can’t freely use?

When you have a copyright question or problem, from whom do you obtain advice? *

Select all that apply.

Copyright violation

Have you ever been the victim of an unauthorised use of your original photos, artwork, videos, or music? *

If yes, how confident were you that you knew what to do to resolve the situation?

Did the illegal usage occur because your original work was stolen from the web?

If yes, was the work taken from?

And was the work illegally used on?

Was the infringement resolved to your satisfaction?

How was it resolved?

Select all that apply.

Indicate the ways your business has been adversely affected by copyright violations.

Select all that apply.

Which or the following best describes you?

Copyright usage *

Your gender *

Your age *

My Creative Biz is planning an online resource that would offer courses, copyright information and updates and a social network for creative entrepreneurs to talk about and gain support on their copyright issues and is looking for beta testers. 
If you would like to beta test please leave your name and email here and we will be in touch.


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